20 Newborn Baby Care Tips For New Moms

Baby’s first day at home; it is an inexpressible feeling of happiness to hold your first child in your arms. You feel so lucky to start your motherhood journey. It seems a little bit scary but when you see your child every piece of the puzzle will fit into their places. Newborn baby care after birth is just to take care of that little one and to be careful what to do and not to do.

Here are few newborn baby care tips for new moms-

1. Talk with your friends-

Talk with your friends who had a good experience with their babies. This will surely help you in guiding tips for your baby.


2. Take help from hospital resources-

After giving birth to your first child ask and learn everything about breastfeeding before leaving the hospital. Ask if there’s a lactation consultant on staff. Call a nurse every time you’re baby needs to be feed.


3. Take care of yourself too-

When you bring your baby home, you’ll want to drop everything to feed the baby as soon as she cries. But doctor suggests that you should take care of yourself first. And also pee first before feeding as it will take a lot more time.


4. Heat helps the milk flow-

If your breasts looks swollen or you have got blocked ducts. In such case take a heating pad or a warm, wet washcloth, flax pillow. You can smooth the passage tube so that your child will get the milk.


5. Does it hurt?

If your breasts are sore after feeding, take a cold pack or a bag of frozen peas; it will soothe the pain.


6. Do you want to feed your child from a bottle?

If you want the baby to do it, try initiating it before the 3-month. Many doctors said that 6 to 8 weeks is good for feeding a child from a bottle. But for few days try not to do it.


7. Sleeping

If your child isn’t eating, he’s probably sleeping. A newborn child sleeps for more than 16 hours a day. That little one always wants to eat and eat and eat. You’ll feel more exhaust than you ever thought possible. When your baby is sleeping, try to sleep at the same time, take a short nap.

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8. Stop complaining about being tired-

There’s only one and only important aim for you right now that is to take care of your baby as much as they need, it is very critical during the first month after the birth. If you don’t get a full night’s sleep, you can be tired and angry. Get a sleep when your baby sleeps it will reduce the tiredness.


9. Take shifts between you and your husband –

One night it’s Mom’s turn to look after the baby, the next day it’s Dad’s turn. If your husband is working then try to smooth things between you two and take out a solution.


10. What if your baby has trouble sleeping?

Rock baby to sleep; let your child fall asleep on your chest. When a child sleeps on mother arm, it means your baby likes the warmth of your body.

It’s often hard to find what exactly your baby wants in the first few and nightmare weeks. But you’ll learn it soon just have patience.


11. How to soothe fussy infants?

Swaddling, shushing, and swinging, and allowing babies to suck, might calm your crying baby.


12. Play tunes-

When your child is in the womb, they start to hear the noise around you and they get’s used to it. It will surely calm down your baby.


13. Diaper tips-

When a child needs to change the diaper, make warm wipes using paper towels for cleaning. You can also buy an electric wipe warmer.

Always keep your diaper bag packed before leaving the house and also a bottle of milk.

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14. Take a warm bath-

When your baby’s umbilical cord stub has fallen off, take a mom-baby warm bath. You’ll feel relaxed and your baby too. It is also said that a relaxed mommy can calm a baby.


15. Staying calm

At first, you are very excited about being a mommy, but after few days you feel like everything in this world is driving you crazy. You need to be calm down; it’s just a phase of a life which will pass away soon


16. Ignore confusing advice-

It is your child do what you feel is best for your child; after all, you are the parents.


17. Forget about housework-

For the first two months; concentrate on getting to know your baby. So don’t care about what other says as soon as they entered your house.


Where’s Daddy?

Your husband, who helped you through your pregnancy, delivery, and everything, might feel left out after your child’s birth. Well, you should not forget that the little one who has enlightened your world is just because of your husband. Take out has some time for him too. And also allow him to take care of the baby alone. So that your husband is not all dependent on you for handling the baby. Hand over the baby to Dad and let him figure things out, just like you’re doing.


18. Leave dad and baby alone-

Many dads fear a lot during their first time, he might feel like doing something wrong and seeking a help from mom. Moms need to check them both from a distance for few days. And after it gets habitual for both Dad and baby. You can get some sleep while they are playing. Do not shout at your husband for doing something wrong.


19. Ask Dad to take some time off from work –

Ask your husband to take some time out from work. So that you both can welcome the baby into your life. As it is necessary for both new moms and dads to look after their baby.


20. Divide up duties-

Divide up some task with your husband so that you also get some time to rest.

Author: Hiten Patil

Hiten is Content Writer and He write about all platform like health and wellness related blog and other platform as well