Balancing Work & Life In Dynamic World

Keeping oneself busy is a great measure for leading a successful and self-sufficient life. Towards the new age of computerized operations, finding jobs will become more difficult and employment will be considered with greater value. In the day and age that demands great work, greater rewards notion, one can seldom lose track on living the life to the fullest. While work does pay for all the merriment and adventures of our lives, it is supposed to not come in between us and our joy. There are very few people in this world that passionately love their job, and for them, the boundaries between work and gateway happiness are blurred. Others are struggling to leave their desk jobs and head home for a better retreat.

Sometimes, we all do crave for the week to get over with. Friday reminds us of how we have to allocate some moments of our life where we do things not planned or scheduled. When workload is at the lowest, we even try to wrap our days up and leave home early. But that doesn’t help us create lifeworks that we may produce when are at a state of equilibrium.

Balance between Work and Life


At one end, the thread of our existence suspends with the openness and freedom of doing new things. The other side of this equilibrium is being weighed down by the hectic work lifestyle. When we balance these two ends, we are able to justify our purpose in stay true to the course of our being.

But, are there any mantras or hidden secrets that help us attain the balance in our work and life?

Over centuries, the knowledge of living a blissful life has been passed on through our cultures. People in the baby boomers age range will let you know the insights to balance a life and its works, and create a range of lifeworks in the due time. Generations that fall into the baby boomers age range are the sole witnesses in transformation of global work lifestyles. Computers were developed in front of them, and even before they became a need of the hour, people were striving to organize the world that was always at the brink of war.

Generation Perspectives: Baby Boomers vs Mature

In the early days, television or radio was looked at as a key tool for escaping life troubles. Men and women from all walks of life worked towards betterment of their life by enjoying the evolution of telecommunication. Mature generation characteristics are very different from this viewpoint. Nowadays, we have smartphones that are making people less curious, more recluse, and eventually dumb. The collective imitative of enjoying with peers is no longer a part of mature generation characteristics. People that proudly associate themselves to have lived in the baby boomers age range can agree of developing beautiful lifeworks.

The sense of determination has a high factor in the mindsets that were developed during the baby boomers age range. These mindsets have changed as the mature generation characteristics include speedy success, instant remuneration, and taking the shortcuts. Such an ideology that has been developed through generations creates a gap between happiness and living. Billions of people are being victims of pandemic diseases associated with their work lifestyle.

Balancing work and life remains to be closely governed by the will to explore new opportunities in life, limiting the pressure on our minds by engaging into other chores, and leading a responsible daily regime to ensure null aftershocks. By the end of the day, you should return home and be with your family – the true mantra of leading a balanced existence.

Author: Saikiran Reddy