Benefits Of Drinking Water In Copper Vessel

Drinking water in a copper vessel in morning has several advantages. However, you need to confirm that the vessel is pure copper and doesn’t contain any other metals otherwise there will be side effects of drinking water from a copper vessel. Drinking twice or thrice daily from a copper vessel is said to be enough.

To make sure that the water provides you the total benefits, the water is to be left within the copper pot for a minimum of 8 hours; you can fill water in the pot before going to bed and drink it in the morning.


1) Boost immunity system

If you do not want to get sick, copper is a good home remedy which provides you boosting your immune system. Drinking water in a copper vessel in morning will give you best effective results in your body.

2) Healthy Heart

Copper can also enhance your blood circulation and put away plaque from clotting your arteries. Copper is helpful in regulating heart pulse, triglyceride levels, blood pressure level, and cholesterol level. This way copper vessel water will keep your heart healthy.

3) Stimulates brain activity

Copper can create phospholipid which helps your brain for better functioning. Thus, copper vessel water helps the brain in operating faster and more efficiently.

4) Faster Healing

If you got injured due to some reasons, the copper vessel water will help you in speeding up your healing process. It prevents infection. It also consists of properties which fight bacteria, and inflammation.

5) Improve skin tone

Copper vessel water increases your body’s melanin levels; this will improve your color pigment of skin, eyes, and hair. Melanin can also protect you from harmful UV radiations from the sun.

6) Reduce aging

Copper vessel water contains a huge amount of antioxidants which play an important job in reducing wrinkles and age lines.

Antioxidants are also found to replace dead skin cells and helps in promoting new skin growth.

7) Cures thyroid

Nowadays, thyroid problems are getting common. Studies have found that people suffering from thyroid have low levels of copper. Thus, drinking water from a copper vessel, you’ll be able to cure thyroid.

8) Shed unwanted pounds (weight loss)

A copper vessel has been shown to help with weight-loss. Copper water will help improve your body’s digestive system, and also promotes in reducing fat.

9) Improves your digestive system

When we consume copper, it will help our digestive tract in killing internal bacteria, and infections and removing ulcers. Copper also cures acidity and gas problems.

10) Boost your iron levels i.e. prevent anemia

Do you know, iron is essential for our body to maintain oxygen flow in your bloodstream throughout your body, this also prevents anemia. Copper has properties to make the shape of your blood cells, and also assist in absorbing iron.

11) Relief from arthritis pain

If you’re arthritis patient, copper will surely provide you great relief by fighting inflammation, improving the immune system. It also strengthens bones.

12) Prevent and cures cancer

Copper is filled with antioxidants that will wash out free radicals body which responsible for growing cancer cells.

NOTE- Make sure that copper vessel doesn’t contain any other metals otherwise there will be side effects of drinking water from a copper vessel. Therefore, buy a new one after one or two months and wash the vessel regularly.

Author: Sarang Awaze

Sarang is SEO Expert and Content Writer and He write about all platform like health and wellness related blog and other technical writing as well