Body Basics: 3 Mantras For Staying Fit

Through ages, people have been more inclined towards the use of different techniques on maintaining health and fitness. Traditional methods of transforming oneself from fat to fit were governed by a blend of exercises and proper dietary regime. Earlier, it was important to lose weight and stay high on health and fitness as it would be considered wise to lead a long and healthy life. Now, things have changed. People are trying to lose weight and undergo the fat to fit transformation for pleasing the minds of others.

People’s perspectives have become more important in the health and fitness trends. In order to lose weight, many people await for the right motivation, which they seldom get it from the reactions of onlookers, acquaintances, friends and family. Getting the cuts and curves has become quite a spectator sport.

There are several mantras encompassing the codes of staying fit. But, the youth of tomorrow is more focused upon achieving the fat to fit transformation in the easiest ways. Cycling and jogging are being observed as common health & fitness cultures followed across the globe. People are wearing fitness trackers to increase their monitoring on the effect of exercises that helps them lose weight.

In addition, fitness trackers are also being adopted by athletes and sports professionals. Changing demands on health and fitness, and new requirements entailed with the need to lose weight have driven the adoption of fitness trackers. Regardless, there continue to be three basic mantras that can help achieve the optimum sense of health and fitness in your life.

Gain Strength, Lose Weight

It is more important for one to gain muscles than lose fat. Fat is essential in our body, but strength is what it deserves. One should focus on gaining strength by doing robust body weight and free weight exercises. To lose weight, cardio exercises should not be considered as the ultimate tool. One can test the core of this doubt by wearing fitness tracker during strength training and cardio. The fitness tracker will reveal the number of calories spent, exhibiting how gaining strength is important to lose weight, rather than doing it the other way around.

Safe Transformation: Fat to Fit

The most important mantra for staying fit is undertaking safe transformation. While one may strive to witness a fat to fit transformation, the methods used for achieving this can be life-threatening in themselves. One may use synthetic steroids or fat burners to increase their successes towards becoming fit. To lose weight, such drugs or supplements can alternately change our metabolism and create cardiac problems. There are several videos, personal accounts of fat to fit transformations. They all reveal the same notion – fat to fit transformation should be a slow and gradual process, without the need of catalyzing it.

Being ripped might be your expectation, but the third mantra is an umbrella of tips telling you the right way to get ripped. One may consider things like, eating fat free products, consuming a balance of carbohydrates and proteins, and working out on targeted muscles. These tips can effectively deliver the desired cuts and curves. Maintaining these cuts and curves and continuing to lose weight is, albeit, a great challenge. One must understand that the true mantra for staying fit is doing everything in moderation. Staying ripped 24/7 is not symbolic to staying fit.

In the view of such understandings, one must get a clear know-how on practices suitable for sticking to health and fitness trends being exercised around the world. One must take a safer path by gaining strength and remaining motivated towards achieving those cuts and curves.

Author: Saikiran Reddy