Can We Take Vitamin C Tablets For Treating Colds?

The common cold is the most frequent disease which occurs in our body.

The common cold is the most frequent disease which occurs in our body. So, it has been found that vitamin C can effectively treat this infectious disease.

Many types of research have been done regarding this and it has been found that taking vitamin C supplements cannot reduce the risk of getting cold which means that you will still catch a cold even if you are taking regular vitamin C supplements.

By taking vitamin C supplements you can reduce many factors such as –

Reduced cold severity – Vitamin C supplements can help in reducing the symptoms of a cold, and thus making it less severe.


Reduced cold duration – Vitamin C supplements can help in reducing recovery time. So you will get better after a few days but the cold will go away quickly.


However, these effects are shown more in children and less in adults. Plus these effects of Vitamin C supplements will have even stronger effects in people who are under intense physical stress and people who are runners and skiers, these effects of vitamin C supplements can half the duration of the common cold.

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Even though vitamin C supplements have no effect on the risk of catching a cold, but still it has been found that it can reduce its severity and duration.


How can Vitamin C tablets reduce the severity of Colds?

Vitamin C is an antioxidant; therefore Vitamin C deficiency can also weaken the immune system and increases the risk of getting infections.Vitamin C is essential for promoting collagen production in the skin. Collagen can keep our skin and many tissues flexible.A vitamin C deficiency can result in scurvy which is not a really big issue in today’s date as most people get enough vitamin C from foods.Due to all of this reason, it is essential for you to get enough vitamin C from your diet. Good examples of healthy foods which are high in vitamin C are papaya, kale, oranges, and red bell peppers.

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Other benefits of Vitamin C supplements are –

• Enhances immunity system of your body by helping white blood cells to function better which is also your skin defense system and also helps in healing wounds faster.

• Fights all the risk factors which can cause heart disease, and therefore it reduces heart disease risk. These factors are – “bad” LDL cholesterol and blood triglycerides.

• Helps prevent iron deficiencies in your body by improving iron absorption which you get from your diet.

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• It can reduce blood uric acid levels and also helps in preventing gout attacks.

• Normalizes high blood pressure.

• Protects against eye diseases.

• Protects your memory and thinking ability as you grow old and thus prevents thinking disorders like dementia.

• Reduces the risk of getting chronic diseases like heart disease.

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