Difference Between Health Benefits Of Black Garlic And Raw Garlic

Black garlic has been recently found as a favorite of foodies which amplifies the flavor and also the healthy nutritional content of their dishes.

This amazing ingredient is been made up of Allium sativum, or raw garlic, and has almost equal benefits as of raw garlic such as storing the cognitive function which keeps heart healthy.

However, there are a few differences between the two, as black garlic contains a higher amount of antioxidants and a  texture, taste, and aroma all its own. It’s also easily found in almost all over the world. It is known for its delicious taste and easy to make at home by just adding it into dishes which gives you plenty of reasons to add this herb in your dish.


What Is Black Garlic?

Black garlic is made of raw garlic which is allowed to ripen in temperatures between 140–170 degrees Fahrenheit for 3 to 4 weeks. Between this period, this raw garlic is allowed to undergo the Maillard reaction which is a chemical process that comes between amino acids and reducing sugars. It can be used in all kinds of dishes including desserts.

Black Garlic Benefits-

  • Puffed with Antioxidants
  • Fight against Cancer Growth
  • Keeps Heart Healthy
  • Stores Cognitive Function
  • Stabilizes Blood Sugar
  • Boosts Immunity


  1. Puffed with Antioxidants

Antioxidants present in black garlic are a powerful compound that provides you with amazing benefits to your health. Their job is to neutralize the harmful free radicals to avoid oxidative damage to cells. A research has also found that antioxidants can lower the chances of building few types of chronic disease, such as diabetes, cancer, and coronary heart disease.

Black garlic or raw garlic is filled with disease-fighting antioxidants, but some studies show that black garlic might contain more than raw garlic.

According to a study, garlic after 35-days of age will form into black garlic which has an outstanding increase in the antioxidant level, mostly the highest peak of antioxidant levels is on the 21st day of aging.


  1. Fight against Cancer Growth

The antioxidant present in black garlic has a no. of advantageous effects on health, particularly when it comes to avoiding the building of chronic issues such as cancer. These antioxidants will surely help in blocking the development of free radicals to stop the growth and lessen the expansion of cancer cells in the body.

A research showed that black garlic contents are effective in destroying and lowering the growth of colon cancer cells and leukemia cells as well. However, some studies suggest that black garlic might also have therapeutic effects on lung cancer and stomach cancer.


  1. Keeps Heart Healthy

One of the most famed benefits of black garlic is its capability to shield and boost your healthy heart. Black garlic might even help in improving heart health. Some studies have shown that both i.e. raw and black garlic both are equally effective. Both raw garlic and black garlic contains cardioprotective effects and are equally beneficial in reducing damage to the heart. A research also found that black garlic has an ability to lowering the levels of cholesterol and high triglycerides by reducing the risk of getting heart disease.


  1. Stores Cognitive Function

Similar to raw garlic, black garlic gives a powerful effect on brain health. The reason behind this is due to its richness in antioxidants; it can soothe inflammation and reduce the risk of getting diseases like Dementia, Alzheimer’s disease, and Parkinson’s disease.

A recent study found that black garlic constituents can enhance memory in cognitively impaired rats, plus it importantly reduces inflammation in the brain as well. Another study found that black garlic shields against oxidative damage and stress and avoid memory impairment after providing MSG (monosodium glutamate) in rats.


  1. Stabilizes Blood Sugar level

Maintaining high levels of blood sugar can lead to some of the negative effects on your body. It can result in diabetes symptoms such as frequent urination and fatigue. In the long term, it can also lead to kidney dysfunction, skin infections and a more chances of getting heart disease.

Including black garlic to your diet is a good way to aid in maintaining normal blood sugar levels. A study found that that black garlic content will effectively reduce blood cholesterol levels and triglycerides levels in rats, who were given a high-fat diet. Plus it also lowers blood sugar levels as well. Therefore, the high antioxidant levels found in black garlic might also be helpful in reducing diabetes complications.


  1. Boosts Immunity

Your body’s immune system has an extremely important role in maintaining your overall health. It kicks off illness and infections and can also aid in preventing chronic related problems as well. The antioxidants present in black garlic boosts immunity by fighting free radicals, soothing inflammation and avoiding oxidative damage to your cells.

NOTE- Black garlic contains the strongest anticancer and antioxidant properties as compared to raw garlic, and it also had a more strong impact on maintaining immunity. These immune-boosting properties of black garlic could acquire fruitful effects on many aspects of health and might help in the treating different types of allergies to autoimmune disorders and infections.


Black Garlic Uses

Uses of Black garlic are similar to raw garlic; however, black garlic is incredibly versatile. It can be used in almost all dishes like meats, sauces, and dips. You can also make a black garlic oil paste with olive oil. This way, it can be used in almost everything from marinades to crostinis. You can also add it to your dessert.

For an easier way to add a quick flavor in your dish by just sprinkling a dash of this powder, you can also try black garlic powder. It is available at most major retailers as well as online.


Black Garlic Nutrition levels

Black garlic consists of huge properties of antioxidants, and some studies have found that it may contain even more than raw garlic.

Black garlic also has more in iron, calories, fat, sodium, and fiber, plus it is slightly lower in carbohydrates and vitamin C as compared to raw garlic.

Now, for comparison with two tbsp of black garlic and two tbsp of raw garlic, check the given table-

40 calories 25 calories
2 grams fat 0.1 gram fat
1 gram dietary fiber 0.4 gram dietary fiber
0.64 milligram iron (4 percent DV) 0.3 milligram iron (2 percent DV)
1 gram protein 1 gram protein
160 milligrams sodium (7 percent DV) 3 milligrams sodium (0 percent DV)
4 grams carbohydrates 5.6 grams carbohydrates
2.2 milligrams vitamin C (4 percent DV) 5.2 milligrams vitamin C (9 percent DV)
20 milligrams calcium (2 percent DV) 30 milligrams calcium (3 percent DV)



Black Garlic vs. Raw Garlic

There are a lot of differences between black and raw garlic in terms of health benefits and taste.

In terms of flavor, both black garlic and raw garlic are much different in taste. Black garlic tastes like sweet, sour and syrup-like in texture which is softer than raw garlic.

Raw garlic is also higher in allicin, one of the important compounds present in garlic that provides many useful effects on our body as well as its delicious taste and aroma. However, it is also lower in antioxidants as compared to black garlic.

Nutritionally, the differences between black and raw garlic are very less.

Raw garlic is lower in calories and sodium with slightly more vitamin C. On the other hand, black garlic consists of more fiber and iron and is slightly lower in carbohydrates.


How to Make Black Garlic?

It is obvious that Black garlic price in the market is more than raw garlic and people might even have a second thought of buying this product. However, you can also choose an alternative option by making it in your home which is less expensive and easy making method. Plus, finding black garlic in the market is also a big problem and might require you to search a little bit more.

Therefore, making black garlic on your own at home is a simplest and cost-effective way to get the benefits of black garlic without spending money. Also, it is completely healthy, as you will be consuming a negligible amount of food additives and preservatives which is surely added in market available products.

Now let’s see how to make black garlic? Take raw garlic and put it in rice cooker. Make sure that the cooker is set in “keep warm” setting and not in “rice cooking” function. Then, just wait for 3–4 weeks and it will slowly allow forming to black garlic.

The second method is you can use a fermenting box or slow cooker and set the temperature between 140–170 degrees Fahrenheit.

Black garlic can be easily stored at room temperature, but it’s good to store it in the refrigerator to increase its shelf life even more. Once you keep it in a refrigerator, it can be easily used up to a month without depriving its amazing flavor and aroma.

Author: Hiten Patil

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