Food To Maintain Teeth

Our teeth are the main source of energy for maintenance and proper function of our body. Hence it is necessary for us to take proper care of the teeth.

Here are few lists of healthcare foods which you should eat for healthy teeth-

1)         Water

Water helps in the washing of your teeth and remaining food particles Water helps wash away food particles. Saliva is the best shield against tooth decay as a result of it contains minerals that naturally fight against plaque.

2)         Leafy green vegetables

Leafy green vegetables are made of calcium which is much of necessary nutrients and for your teeth.

3)         Cheese

Cheese is made up of Calcium and reduces the acidic level in your mouth, thus lowers plaque in the mouth. Also, chewing on hard cheeses will produce saliva more which eliminates a number of the bacteria within the mouth.

4)         Fish

Fish are best known for richness in vitamin D. If a person is suffering from vitamin D deficiency, then the fish is an important a part of their healthy diet.

5)         Milk

Milk is that the best known for the high amount of calcium. Milk also helps in fighting tooth decay.

6)         Black coffee

Sugarless black coffees also defend tooth decay and truly facilitate fights plaque.

7)         Black and green tea

Both black and green tea consists of polyphenols which are far-famed to scale back bacteria within the mouth. It works best if you drink it sugarless.

8)         Citrus foods

Oftenly citrus fruits are very acidic, that isn’t sensible for your teeth, however, oranges are the least acidic fruit which is good for your teeth.

9)         Nuts

Nuts are filled with heaps of necessary components like calcium and phosphorus that not only fights bacteria but also has health advantages for your teeth and reduces tooth decay.

10)       Yogurt

Yogurt is packed with high calcium and pro-biotics that defend you against gum disease, cavities, and unhealthy breath.

11)       Gum

Chewing gum results in high saliva production and washing away bacteria and also food particles. But chewing gum has other bad effects too. Therefore it is advisable to not chew it.

12)       Sesame seeds

Sesame seed is rich in Ca and really efficient at cleaning off plaque from your teeth.

13)       Cranberries

Just like tea cranberries are rich in polyphenols that lower the risk of cavities and disrupt the process of plaque formation.

14)       Raisins

Raisins have surprising properties which are rich in antioxidants which can kill bacteria causing the cavity.

Here are some lists of other healthy foods which prevent tooth decay and also provide healthy gums-

  • Ginger- Freshen your breath and reduces bacterial growth.
  • Whole grains- Reduces the danger of gum disease.
  • Pears- Has neutralizing acidic level of the teeth.
  • Kiwis- Kiwis have one in all the very best known for vitamin C.
  • Garlic-has robust antimicrobial properties
  • Raw onions- have powerful antibacterial properties
  • Strawberries- consists vitamin C which acts as antioxidant
  • Soy-Soy promotes healthy gums.
  • Sweet potatoes- Rich in vitamin A
  • Meat
  • Carrots
  • Apples
  • Celery

Author: Sarang Awaze

Sarang is SEO Expert and Content Writer and He write about all platform like health and wellness related blog and other technical writing as well