Health Benefits Of Honey

Honey has numerous amounts of benefit in our health. They are considered best rather than consuming sugar for a diabetic person.

  1. Used for Healing Wounds

Honey is employed for healing wounds as it is antibacterial, antifungal, and antioxidant properties. In case of any skin injury, bacteria that live around your skin will cause infection. Honey, has been known to erase these bacteria.

  1. Boosts your memory

The natural properties in honey facilitate in up-lifting cholinergic circulation and withdraw cells that cause the blackout. Also, consumption of honey prevents metabolic stress and helps calm the brain.

  1. Helps in weight loss

A study found that substitution sugar with honey will really lower glucose level (sugar level) and stop having on additional fats on our body. It also offers potential obesity protecting effects.

  1. Sinus issues

In case of sinus disease, the bacteria cause’s infections block the sinus, the air, and mucous secretion. Honey act as an anti-bacteria that helps to scale back the infection. Honey also calms throat which decreases coughs and toughens the immune system thereby causing immune to sinus attacks.

  1. Diabetes Aid

Honey help people to control diabetes, in-taking of honey will cut back the danger of developing diabetes. As consuming honey is far better than consuming sugar for a diabetic person. Natural Cough syrup

The mixture of raw honey, and ginger powder act as cough syrups. Studies show that one spoon of honey will scale back mucous secretion and also coughs.

  1. Uplift overall immunity

Our body becomes sensitive to the environment as we don’t take some time for walking or getting in touch with nature. We get the allergic reaction to nature. Honey is a natural substance made from the nectar of the flowers. Therefore consuming honey will relief natural allergic reaction and increase immunity.

  1. Better sleep

Raw honey promotes sleep, by consuming honey one hour before going to bed, it collects the glycogen provide from the liver and stops the brain from activating the crave for hunting the fuel, which might wake you up. Also, consumption of raw honey promotes the discharge of melatonin within the brain by making a tiny low spike in insulin. Melatonin also increases immunity and helps reconstruct tissue during the time of sleep.

  1. Act as Antioxidant

There are few radicals within the body that cause illness and antioxidant help in blocking it. It also amplifies the immune system which acts as a shield against any variety of diseases. Honey contains strong antioxidants known as polyphenols, that are shown to cut back the danger of cardiovascular disease and cancer.


Raw honey is much pure form as compared to commercial honey. It ordinarily consists bee pollen and propolis, which are both very positive for health. But, raw honey may probably contain dead bees, wings, legs, hunks of beeswax and different impurities. However, any of those impurity matters present in the honey are strained out before bottling.

Commercial honey is usually heavily refined and added with chemicals. If heated more than a specific temperature can also destroy the natural vitamins and minerals present in them.

Author: Sarang Awaze

Sarang is SEO Expert and Content Writer and He write about all platform like health and wellness related blog and other technical writing as well