Heart Attack – Prevention

Even if you’ve already had an attack, it’s never too late to take prevention steps for a heart attack.

Prevention steps for Heart attack

  • Medications – Taking medications can reduce your risk of getting a heart attack and help you in the proper functioning of the heart. Continue to take medicines prescribed by your doctor and do a regular checkup.


  • Register for cardiac rehabilitation program – If you had a heart attack, doctors might advise you to go for a cardiac rehabilitation program. In this program doctors, pharmacists and family members will make the choices, lifestyle, and habits which can affect your heart.

1)     Exercise counseling and training – You’ll be taught some exercises for how to get your body moving in ways that promote heart health.

2)     Education for the heart – Healthy living and suggests a healthy diet plan.

3)     Counseling to reduce stress – Stress hurts your heart. This part of rehabilitation will help you identify and solve your everyday sources of stress.

  • Maintain a healthy diet – Maintain a healthy weight with a heart-healthy diet as it will help you in getting any kind of diseases which can lead to heart-related disease and also weight-related disease such as arthritis.
  • A history of preeclampsia – This is a condition which causes high blood pressure during pregnancy due to which there is an increased lifetime risk of heart disease.
  • Avoid diseases – Avoid diseases such as rheumatoid arthritis or lupus which usually occurs due to being overweight.
  • Reduce your excess sugar level (Diabetes) – People who have diabetes problem have low insulin levels and high blood sugar levels. To maintain your blood sugar level, avoid any kind of sugary product and drinking sweet beverages.

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  • Maintain High blood cholesterol or triglyceride levels – Your arteries get narrow if you have an extreme level of LDL (the “bad” cholesterol) and triglycerides which acts as a type of blood fat which comes from your diet and can raise the risk of getting a heart attack. Thus, you need to maintain these levels.


  • High blood pressure – High blood pressure can also damage the arteries of your heart. You need to normalize the blood pressure levels. High BP generally occurs due to obesity, high cholesterol or diabetes, etc.
  • Avoid drug use – Stimulant drugs, like cocaine or amphetamines, can cause contraction of your coronary arteries. You should avoid using such drugs as it not only cause heart disease, but also many other health diseases.
  • Do cardio exercise or walking for 60 minutes – Lack of physical activity, being inactive and not doing exercise can cause high blood cholesterol levels and obesity. By doing minimum 30 minutes hard work out or doing 60 minutes walk can avoid all kinds of disease from your body. It also increases your metabolism.
  • Avoid Smoking Tobacco or long-term exposure to secondhand smoke – Smoking can narrow the arteries of your heart. Avoid smoking and also avoid getting nearby those people who smoke. A secondhand smoke is as dangerous as smoking.
  • Reduce Stress – Avoid getting stressed and depressed and try to find the solution to your problems as stress hurts our heart.

Author: Hiten Patil

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