How To Survive A Heart Attack When Alone?

  • Call for emergency medical service (EMS) help – If you suspect that you might be having a heart attack. Please do not hesitate and immediately call 911. If you don’t have any source to call the emergency medical services, try to get the help of your neighbor and ask them to drive you to the nearest hospital.

Try not to drive yourself as you might have an accident. But, if you have no options left, drive yourself.

  • Take nitroglycerin – Take it if prescribed to you by a doctor. It is more useful for patients with angina.
  • Take aspirin – After the age of 45 for men and 55 for women, start keeping aspirin with you all the time. If you are not allergic to aspirin, chew it (you don’t even need water) during a heart attack, this will can avoid blood from clotting and reduces heart damage. Call for emergency help first and then go for aspirin. The aspirin should be a single 325 mg with non-enteric coated aspirin tablet. It is more effective if taken within 30 minutes of the attack.

Aspirin can mix with other medications; therefore, do not take an aspirin unless it is prescribed by your doctor.

NOTE – Chewing aspirin will help your body to dissolve it more easily. And as you will be in such a situation, you need it to get dissolved and allow it to enter the bloodstream as soon as possible.

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Some other tips while waiting for an ambulance –

  • If you feel dizzy then lie down on the ground as the blood pressure might have dropped. This will help your blood circulation to the brain. Do not walk much.
  • If you feel breathless, then sit upright to maintain oxygen levels in your body or lie down straight and lift your legs up as it will open the diaphragm which will help you to breathe and supply oxygen to your blood.

  • Start coughing but do not cough repeatedly – Coughing might help to restore the normal heartbeat. If you feel unconsciousness, then try to cough vigorously which is also called cough CPR. Take a deep breath before you cough. Assume that you are trying to get something out of your chest as quickly as possible. Cough for every two seconds without taking breaks until someone reaches you or your heartbeat becomes normal. This will allow oxygen to get into your lungs. This also allows your heart to function normally.

NOTE – If a person has a cardiac arrest, coughing will worsen the situation.

  • Avoid drinking and eating food. Taking anything except an aspirin will worsen the situation as the body will work to absorb it rather than absorbing an aspirin.
  • Always keep a bag with you having all personal details and numbers of your family and nearby members.
  • Keep a card with your medical information in your wallet.

NOTE – You might have just 10 seconds to help yourself. Do not panic; try to relax as it will make the condition worse.

Author: Hiten Patil

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