How To Lower Your Lower Back Pain? 4 Backache Exercises For Sciatica Relief

Pain in the sciatic nerve can be a great problem for sheer existence. The human anatomy is complex by connecting the sciatic nerve to some of the most sensitive organs or parts of our body. Sciatica or sciatic nerve pain can be so excruciating that you don’t want to get off the couch, let alone walk yourself to a clinic.

Fortunately, there are a few backache exercises that can deliver sciatica relief. However, it is advised that these stretches or exercises are not as easy as they appear to be. Consulting a certified physical therapist is recommended before trying these out by yourself.

But, before trying out the four backache exercises mentioned below, it’s important to understand the causes of lower back pain, and how exercising for back pain relief is critical to lead a healthy life. One must also consider the advantage of backache exercises over back pain treatments. Be it surgical or non-invasive, there is a range of medical procedures that can facilitate back pain treatment. Regardless, going under the knife is still not something that one may prefer. Moreover, uncertainty over the guarantee of achieving success from medical back pain treatments refrains people from opting them, and they are left with nothing but more pain.

Interestingly, backache exercises can be more effective than back pain treatments. You can include them in your busy lifestyles to prevent the incidence of sciatica. In addition, these methods can provide back pain relief in a natural way, wherein the need for medications is eliminated. Even severe conditions that cause lower back pain, which include – bulging disc and herniated disc, can be treated by regularising these backache exercises on a daily basis.

One such critical condition that causes lower back pain is sciatica. For attaining proper sciatica relief, one must be aware of its causes, which include narrowing of the spinal canal (also called as spinal stenosis), ruptured disc, and spinal or hip injury.

Here’s a look at the 4 best backache exercises for sciatica relief.

Top 4 Backache Exercises for Sciatica Relief

Reclining Pigeon Pose: This is widely popular as a yoga exercise or a yoga posture. By working the hips in a reclining posture, this backache exercise is a great starter for lower back pain relief. The sitting and forward versions of this exercise are also practiced in a follow-up routine. The exercise relieves the strain in the piriformis muscle and reduces inflammation associated with sciatic nerve pain.

Knee to Opposite Shoulder Stretch: This backache exercise is relatively easy, as you lie on your back and extend your legs upwards. Bending the right leg around the knee, clapping the hands, and gently pulling the right across the body and towards the left shoulder can relieve the sciatic nerve. Holding this position for a longer time and doing multiple reps by switching legs makes it the ultimate backache exercise for lower back pain relief.

Standing Hamstring Stretch:
You may remember this stretch from your physical education sessions back in school. By placing a foot on a surface elevated above hip level, all you have to do is bend forwards with an arched back, and extend your arms to touch the toes of the elevated foot. Holding this posture relieves the hamstring and sciatic nerve from tightness.

Sitting Spinal Stretch: This backache exercise is highly effective homemade, back pain treatment for bulging disc. Be seated upright on the ground, extend both legs ahead by flexing them forward, and cross one leg over the knee of the other leg. Now, twist your body at the opposite side of the crossed leg and look towards the back.

Try these out and see for yourself.

Author: Saikiran Reddy