Problems During Pregnancy Due To Low BMI | Underweight Pregnancy Risk And Solution

A lot of moms will have a common problem of gaining excess weight. Whereas, there are few moms who are fighting with trouble occurred due to Low BMI or being underweight.

Being underweight is equally dangerous for both babies and mom’s health as compared to being overweight.

As soon as you find that you are pregnant, calculate your BMI (body mass index) first.

If it comes to be below 18.5, you might be underweight. Take quick action on it.

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The impact of being underweight during pregnancy are-

  • Studies also found that there is a connection between a mom who gained too little during pregnancy and higher chances of infant mortality within the first year of the child’s life.


  • There are chances of having a miscarriage at the time of the first trimester of pregnancy. Miscarriage occurs due to iron and folate deficiency.

  • Postpartum Bleeding or Postpartum hemorrhage


  • During your labour, it might lead to early delivery like Caesarean, ventouse, or forceps.


  • Might undergo a pre-term birth i.e. birth before 37 weeks.


  • Serious health effects on your baby


  • The baby born might have a low gestational weight. Low gestational weight generally implies that the baby had insufficient nutrient intake during the time baby was in the uterus.


  • Babies born underweight might show sudden health problems which would be treated for in the NICU (due to hypothermia, or low blood sugar) and it might also lead to poor feeding or be more likely to get a viral infection.


  • The baby might face many health issues in future.

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  • During pregnancy, if you are not getting good adequate nutrition, then your body will take make nutrients from your own reserves to feed the baby, mostly in the first trimester. In future, this might keep you at higher risk of developing anemia and osteoporosis.


  • After your baby is born, being underweight may also affect your breast milk. Breastfeeding is a challenging thing on your body, and if you are underweight, you might need work more to raise calorie intake and make nutrients for both the baby and mommy.


How to prevent being underweight during pregnancy?

Some of these effective tips for healthy weight gain during pregnancy include:

  • To gain weight, eat foods that are rich in healthy fats, like fish, avocados, chicken, and nuts.
  • Have unsaturated fats like spreads made from sunflower, or olive oil.

  • Eat pasta, beans and wholegrain cereals.
  • Do not skip your meals. Try to consume three small meals with three healthy snacks every day.
  • Sweetened products like sweets, pastry and sweet drinks will put on your weight but they contain very low nutrition which is not good for you or your baby so try not to gain such extra unnecessary weight.
  • If you are exercising a lot or having a very busy schedule, try to scale down excess activity. It’s important to be active during pregnancy, but you don’t need to exceed the exertion. Always have a 30 minutes walk for at least four days a week.
  • Keep some snacks with you all the time, like biscuits, nuts, dried fruits, and raisins.
  • Eat foods that are rich in healthy fats such as olive oil, nuts, or avocados.

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  • Take toasted bread apply a tiny amount of peanut butter on them. Peanut butter is a healthy choice for pregnant mothers and is rich in calories.
  • Hiring a dietician-If your doctor or midwife diagnoses you as underweight, you can always take the help of a health nutritionist; this is a best option for you, if you are not having any results by trying it yourself. It can be difficult to gain weight on your own, even if you want to.
  • Avoid eating junk or oily foods. It might raise your blood cholesterol level which will lead to pregnancy complexities.
  • While having a bowl of homemade soup, add a spoon of butter to it, this will not only make the soup tastier, but also increases your calorie intake.
  • As prescribed by your doctor, take prenatal vitamins or any other medical supplements as per given instructions.


If your doctor diagnoses you as underweight, you need to opt for necessary steps to promote healthy weight gain during pregnancy for your child’s safety.

With such effective weight-gain tips, a pregnant woman will not be suffering from being underweight problems during pregnancy.


NOTE- Nausea, keeping up with exercise, and changing appetite all of this can be unbearable if you’re not getting sufficient caloric intake.


Working with a registered nutritionist or dietician to make a chart of food plan for appropriate and healthy weight gain, is one of the best options to help you get there.


Do not worry much about it. If you had checkups within a proper interval during your pregnancy, you will be helped by the doctors who will prescribe you a mix of prenatal vitamins and supplements (such as folic acid, iron). They will also tell you about a nutrient-dense and required nutrients rich diet, to ensure that both you and your baby are happy and healthy and are receiving an adequate amount of nutrition.

Author: Hiten Patil

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