Top 5 Ways To Lose Belly Fat

1. Stop Drinking Fruit Juice
Fruit is considered very healthy and a natural thing which it will provide you with lots of nutrients, vitamins, minerals, etc. However, when you make a mix fruit juice or add any extra sugar to it. It will work like unhealthy sugar drinks (sweetened beverages) which increases your fructose level and it also does not feed brain due to its liquid state.

Therefore, drinking it in large amounts will lead to abdominal fat gain.
To avoid this, replace fruit juice with water, unsweetened iced tea or lemon water.

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2. Eat Probiotic Foods
Probiotics foods like yogurt, buttermilk, miso, etc. are bacteria containing foods and are having extremely many health benefits like it helps in improving gut health, digestive system and boosts immune function.

Researchers have found that this type of bacterial food plays a very important role in weight management and also help in reducing belly fats. You can also have probiotic supplements, but it would be best if you take natural source first.


3. Reduce Your Stress Levels
Stress produces cortisol, also known as the stress hormone which can increase your belly fat. According to studies, high cortisol levels increase appetite and also increases belly fat.

Women who already have a large waist will tend to produce more cortisol due to stress. The solution for reducing your belly fat is to engage yourself in some fun activities which will make you happy and it will definitely relieve stress. You can also practice yoga or meditation.


4. Track Your Food Intake
You have a lot of options to reduce your belly fat but 80% of the main role in achieving this is played by your diet and the remaining 20% is done by exercise. Therefore, consuming fewer calories than your body needs will work like a magic stick for you. For this, you need to track down your food intake by counting no. of calories. You can keep a food diary or use an online food tracker app on your mobile which will help you in monitoring your calorie intake. Some apps also track your daily calorie burning through exercise and physical activity. It can also track no. of steps you had walked in a day. These apps are free.

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5. Eat Fatty Fish Every Week
Fatty fish (salmon, mackerel, sardines, herring, and anchovies) are rich in omega-3 fats and protein which makes it incredibly healthy. They can protect you from many diseases.

These fats can cure fatty liver disease and can significantly reduce liver and abdominal fat. You should eat two to three servings of fatty fish every week.

Other ways to reduce fats are –

⦁ Add Apple Cider Vinegar to Your Diet

⦁ Avoid any Sweetened Beverages

⦁ Avoid Foods which contain Trans Fats

⦁ Do Aerobic Exercise or Cardio

⦁ Don’t Drink Too Much Alcohol

⦁ Don’t Eat a Lot of Sugary Foods

⦁ Drink Green Tea and also do exercise

⦁ Try Intermittent Fasting

Author: Hiten Patil

Hiten is Content Writer and He write about all platform like health and wellness related blog and other platform as well