What Eye Color And Shape Say About Your Health ?

According to human health analysis, our body consists of one of the six colors i.e. Amber, blue, brown, gray, green, or hazel. Generally, Blue colored people are said to be genetically connected. Most typical color found within the human eye is a brown color. Hazel colored eyes are the mixture of brown and green color.


People with Blue, green or grey eyes-

  • Cancer- people having such eye color has more probability of obtaining eye cancer named uveal melanoma. This kind of cancer causes a tumor in eyes. Clinically it’s said that the affected eye is to be removed depending on the size of the tumor.
  • Vitiligo- Vitiligo is a disease that produces losing of skin color and appears like a spreading white spot. Doctors said that it might be as a result of some of the genes that facilitate build eyes blue also lower the probability of obtaining such condition.
  • Endometriosis- Doctors said that the genes which are controlling eye color might also be connected to those that also cause endometriosis. This kind of disease is found in women’s health in which abnormal tissue grows outside the uterus which is supposed to be growing inside. This disease may also result in its worst part called deep infiltrating pathology (DIE).

What Eye Color and shape Say about Your Health?

  • Sugar level problems- research concluded that a mixture of blue eyes and fair white skin people have a high risk of developing blood sugar level issues by obtaining type one diabetes. Mostly if a person’s eye color is blue, they are more likely to get obsessed with the alcohol.


People with Brown or black eye-

  • Hearing Loss- People having brown colored eyes have less hearing disorder in a noisy atmosphere than people who have eyes of blue color. It’s believed to be as a result of brown eye people have the pigment that offers your skin, hair, and eyes a little more protection.
  • Different sized pupils- Such conditions are rarely found within which one pupil is smaller than the other. And it    might be an indication of a health issue, like an infection, nervous system downside, or heart attack.

What Eye Color and shape Say about Your Health?

  • Cataracts- Cataract is clouding of eyes lens which is more seemingly to found in people who have dark brown eyes. It’s said that individuals with dark colored eyes are twice likely to possess cataracts as compared to the light-colored eyes.
  • Pain tolerance- Research shows that women’s having dark colored eyes, at the time of labor suffers from pain more than the light colored ones.

Special Cases-

  • Multicolor eyes

A varicolored eye shows the genetic abnormality in human health also called Waardenburg syndrome. That produces you lose pigment in your hair, skin, and eyes. It can even cause hearing disorder and weird facial features, (like wide eyes, nose).

  • Macular chronic

Such form of diseases occur as an individual’s grows old, they lose their vision. However, there is no cure or treatment that returns vision which is already lost.

And Light colored eyes are double as likely to get age related macular degeneration.


NOTE- vitamin A, C and E foods are justified as the best nutrition for healthy eyes.

Author: Saikiran Reddy