What Is Keto Coffee (“Bulletproof Coffee”)?

Keto coffee is also known as “butter coffee.” Keto coffee is much healthier than high-quality organic coffee. Keto coffee is filled with antioxidants and contains extremely nutrition filled ingredients like grass-fed butter and collagen powder made from bone broth. This collage powder will boost give you constant energy boosts which will not leave you to fall flat after a few hours.


Keto diet contains a very low amount of carbohydrates and a high amount of fats. You might be thinking that how it is possible that a low carb diet has high fats. But it has been found that it beneficial for health and as well as weight loss. It also helps in fighting cancer and other chronic health issues.

For someone following a ketogenic diet, Keto coffee is the perfect morning or afternoon beverage. Plus it is also healthy, so rather than of drinking a cup of coffee with carbohydrate-rich milk and sugar, you will be getting some beneficial fats like beef gelatin and bone broth collagen.

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In this coffee, you add vitamin-rich butter instead of creamer, and you sprinkle cinnamon instead of a blood sugar spiking sweetener.


What Is Keto Coffee?

The key ingredients of Keto coffee are –

  • Beef gelatin
  • Bone broth collagen
  • Cinnamon
  • Coconut Oil or MCT Oil
  • Grass-fed butter
  • Organic coffee

Keto coffee gives you all of the coffee benefits plus so much more. So, in morning you do not need to add extra calories to your body. This butter and coconut oil in coffee is healthy as well as quite tasty. The main benefit of keto coffee is that it fuels your body which is rich in nutrient-dense, blood sugar–stabilizing fat. It includes healthy fats in grass-fed butter, coconut oil or MCT oil, and collagen powder made from bone broth.

Ingredients like butter, collagen, and gelatin are not harmful or your body and it will not cause any side effects. This collagen powder and gelatin do not have any flavor. Plus grass-fed butter will add a creamy richness which is similar to dairy products like milk or cream. This keto coffee also keeps you full for hours. Therefore, if you want to lose your weight, you should replace normal high-carb daily coffee with Keto coffee, you can drink it in the morning as well as in the evening. This will reduce your food cravings by keeping you full.

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Keto Coffee Nutrition Facts

One cup of keto coffee made contains –

  • 316 calories
  • 0 grams sugar
  • 21.8 grams protein
  • 26 grams fat
  • 0.1 milligrams manganese
  • 0.2 milligrams vitamin B2 riboflavin
  • 0.4 milligrams vitamin E
  • 0.5 milligrams niacin
  • 0.6 milligrams pantothenic acid
  • 7.1 milligrams magnesium
  • 10 milligrams calcium
  • 100 milligrams sodium
  • 296 milligrams potassium
  • 0.8 micrograms vitamin K
  • 500 international units vitamin A

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