What To Do And What Not To Do During Pregnancy?

Pregnancy is the most attentive stage in your life. You need to take care of a little one inside you, for whom you need to take care and nourish them inside your body. There are a number of things that a pregnant woman should avoid during pregnancy.

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  1. Avoid getting Acupuncture and massage

Massage and acupuncture can be safe for pregnant women, but it depends on the spot where you are getting a massage.

You should not massage your abdomen during the first three months of pregnancy.

Tell your acupuncturist that you are pregnant because there are certain points which are not safe during pregnancy.

Always look for a qualified and experienced acupuncturist who has extreme training and knows about pregnancy plus had experience with pregnant women.

Do consult your doctor before having any kind of treatments. Always tell your doctor or midwife about what kind of treatment you’re undergoing.


  1. Do visit your dentist

Healthy Oral hygiene is necessary during pregnancy. You should clean your teeth properly and wash away the bacteria’s which causes an infection. Therefore, visit frequently to a dental hospital.

Also, do tell your dentist that you’re pregnant.


  1. Avoid getting near Cats waste

Toxoplasmosis is a common infection that found in almost all living creatures in this world. The parasite named ‘Toxoplasma gondii’ (T. gondii) is present in cat’s poop

There are extremely low chances of getting toxoplasmosis when you’re pregnant. But, if you got infected by toxoplasmosis during early stages of pregnancy, there is an increased chance of miscarriage. Plus, it might cause blindness and brain damage in your baby.

Symptoms of toxoplasmosis are just like mild flu symptoms, such as a sore throat, high temperature, and aching muscles. But, sometimes toxoplasmosis doesn’t show any symptoms.

Generally, while you are pregnant, you are not regularly checked for toxoplasmosis infection. Thus, you need to be very careful about this and prevent infection.


  1. Careful while using Cleaning products

While using any kind of product, check the tags of these products and read safety warnings for pregnant women.

Generally, mothballs and toilet deodorant contains naphthalene. Inhaling large amounts of naphthalene might damage your blood cells and of your baby too, which can cause you a disease known as haemolytic anaemia. Symptoms which might occur due to exposure to large quantities of naphthalene are fatigue, diarrhea, nausea, vomiting, and appetite loss.

If you see a “very toxic” tag, it is better to avoid using it during pregnancy. If you use cleaning products, like paint, glues or any kind of household chemicals, carefully follow the directions given on the tag.


  1. Careful during Breastfeeding

If you are breastfeeding your child, always tell your doctor before undergoing any medical treatments and especially those procedures who involves a radioactive substance.  Sometimes a radioactive substance is injected into your body and it takes a few days to flush out of your body. The radioactive substance might get passed on to your child through the breast milk. Therefore throw away breast milk for a short time after you had the scan.


  1. Do Exercise

While you’re pregnant, it’s always healthy for you and your baby to be active and stay fit. However, please consult to your doctor about which exercise are good for you and your baby. There are a lot of exercises which you cannot perform during pregnancy. Extreme exercise or tough positions might hit your baby’s brain or any other damage.  Try to do 30 minutes of moderate exercise, like walking or swimming.

Regular exercise can:

  • Keep you at a healthy weight
  • Help you relax
  • Keeps you, fitter
  • Treats back pain and varicose veins
  • Makes you feel stronger
  • Helps you during pregnancy, and labor


  1. Avoid Fake tan

Fake tanning lotions and sprays contain an active ingredient called dihydroxyacetone (DHA). It is a non-toxic substance that reacts with cells present on the surface of the skin and creates a brown color called melanoidin. As we know that skin cells are already dead and are shed because the skin constantly renews itself. Therefore, fake tan should be applied regularly to maintain the color. As DHA will not go beyond the surface of the skin and therefore aren’t absorbed into the body.

But, sometimes these tanning lotions can cause an allergic reaction. Thus, it is recommended not to use while you are pregnant.  Also, it changes in hormone levels and can make the skin more sensitive than normal.

If you want to use fake tan, you can first test the product on a small area of skin, to check whether you are having any reaction or not.

If your skin is sensitive and you’re more likely to burn within exposure to sun, you can use a high protection cream (with minimum 15 PH) and stay out of the sun as much as possible.

NOTE- Do not take Tanning pills, it contains high amounts of betacarotene and canthaxanthin which is been interlinked with harmful side effects which include damage to the eyes and the liver. Injections containing melanotan; both of these should not be used by anyone.


  1. Avoid X-rays

Your doctor will check whether your treatment can wait until you’ve had your baby. Your doctor might consider using another imaging method such as an ultrasound scan, rather than X-ray.

Try to avoid having an X-ray while you’re pregnant. The risk from x-ray radiation is that the dosage amount reaches the baby which might cause birth defects such as physical and mental development problems.

Therefore, the dose of radiation used during is always kept X-ray as low as possible. However, if you repeatedly get exposed to the radiation, it may destroy the body’s cells, which increase the risk of getting cancer.

NOTE- During pregnancy when you are exposed to radiations while X-rays, it has a very little risk of exposing the unborn baby to radiation. But it still might develop cancer during your baby’s childhood.


  1. Foods you should avoid during pregnancy

There are a lot of foods which you should avoid during pregnancy especially coffee, drinks, raw meat etc.

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  1. Do not dye your Hair

Some studies found that very high doses of the chemicals in hair dyes might be risky for your unborn child’s health cause harm. However, these doses are generally not found in most of the hair coloring products.

Many pregnant women wait for first 12 weeks to dye their hair after the pregnancy when the chances of reaction due to chemical substances which can harm the baby are much lower.

While coloring your hair by yourself, you can lower the risk by keeping the dye on for least time and by wearing gloves.

You can highlight your hair, by putting the dye only onto strands of hair; these chemicals are only absorbed by your hair, and not by your scalp. This is why it is ok to highlight your hair.

You can also use pure natural hair dyes, such as henna. It won’t harm you at all.

Do take a strand test first, and Speak to your hairdresser for advice.


  1. Do gain weight properly

Gaining weight during pregnancy might be harmful to your baby. You need about 100 extra calories per day during your first trimester and 300 calories per day during your third trimester.


  1. Avoid Painting

There is no risk of paint fumes on your unborn child and the percentage is very low. However, it is impossible to judge that how small the risk is.

Therefore, do not inhale paint fumes and do not renovate your house while you are pregnant.  A Lead-based paint can spread lead dust into the air and around your house.

NOTE- You should avoid any kind of small risk during your first trimester because your baby’s organs will start to develop that time.  Any chemicals at this stage might provide a harmful effect on your baby’s health.

Therefore, avoid painting for at least 14th week of your pregnancy.


  1. Do get lots of sleep

Due to changing hormone levels, stress, and anxiety can make feel sleepy.

Sleep well especially in the final trimester. Schedule your nap time for at least seven to nine hours every night. If you are getting tired, this is a sign that your body needs more rest, so sleep more.


  1. Avoid Hot water bath or steam bath

It is recommended to avoid any form of hot tub bath during pregnancy; Because of the high risks of overheating, dehydration and fainting.

During pregnancy, your body temperature will be high than normal. The reason behind this is due to hormonal changes and an increased blood supply to the skin. These hormonal changes might often make pregnant women feel faint.

Therefore, avoid such activities which will make you hotter.

If you get overheated, more blood starts flowing close to your skin, to help your body to cool; which means less blood flows to your brain and your brain will not get enough blood this leads to decreased oxygen levels and make you feel faint.

Avoid taking a sauna, jacuzzi, hot tub, steam bath or steam room especially on 12 weeks of the pregnancy; it will raise your body’s core temperature and might affect your unborn baby’s development.


  1. Do get a flu vaccine injection

You should get a flu vaccine injection.  If you have contractions during your pregnancy, the risk of severe side effects is greater. Therefore, consult your doctor first.   This vaccine will protect you as well as your child.


  1. Avoid Sunbeds

Pregnant women often have sensitive skin and your skin may, therefore, be more likely to burn.

Ultraviolet (UV) rays are not good for your skin. Plus, many sunbeds gives you greater doses of UV rays.

Extreme exposure to UV rays might increase your risk of developing skin cancer.


  1. Do take a multivitamin

All of the healthy nutrients it necessary for the growth of your baby.

A multivitamin includes DHA, EPA, or both; this contains omega-3 fats which is important for healthy brain development of your baby.

A prenatal vitamin contains folic acid, calcium, and iron. Such vitamin helps in proper development of the fetus and also prevents birth defects.

NOTE-Don’t consume more than one dose of multivitamins per day. Some vitamins might cause harm to your baby if taken in high amounts. Always consult your doctor before taking any kind of vitamins.


  1. Don’t wear Heels

Always wear heels with a 3-inch heel or less. As your belly grows, your body’s center of gravity will also vary. You might find yourself a little unbalance on your feet.  Till 9 months always wear platforms, kitten heels, and wedges.


  1. Don’t sit or stand for too long

During pregnancy, do not stay in the same position for too long, like don’t be seated or standing. It can cause swollen ankles and vein problems. Take short breaks regularly to move around if you’ve been seated.

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Author: Hiten Patil

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