What To Do If A Person Gets A Heart Attack?

  • Initiate CPR – If a person gets faint and stops breathing then quickly initiate CPR (Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation). It involves chest compression by putting both hands on the left side of the chest where the heart is present. Give them 30 chest compressions at the rate of 100 to 120 beats per minute. After this you need to give rescue breaths; first, take a long breath and seal your mouth with theirs for two seconds. Now check whether their chest falls and now give them two rescue breaths like this. Continue doing this until help arrives. CPR technique is used to restore oxygenated blood flow to the necessary organs. This allows pumping blood through the body.


  • Call for emergency medical help – Immediately call 911 or emergency medical service (EMS) as soon as possible. If possible then drive them to the nearby hospital.


  • Give them an aspirin – Keep an aspirin always with you. If someone in front of you is having a heart attack and he/she is not allergic to aspirin, give them a single 325 mg with non-enteric coated aspirin tablet and ask them to chew it rather than taking it with water (this helps in entering the bloodstream quickly). It should be given within 30 minutes of the attack as it will work well. Call for emergency help first and then go for aspirin. This can avoid blood from clotting and reduces heart damage. Aspirin might mix with other medications which a patient is undergoing; therefore, do not take give them aspirin unless it is prescribed by their doctor.


  • Give nitroglycerin – It is a medicine given to patients with angina and is prescribed to them by a doctor. So, if you have one, then give it to them.


  • If the patient is conscious, then ask them to take a deep breath and cough vigorously to restore the normal heartbeat and allows the heart to function normally. This is also called as cough CPR. This will allow oxygen to get into your lungs. If a person is having a cardiac arrest, then coughing might worsen the situation.

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  • If the patient feels breathless, for maintaining oxygen levels in their body ask them to sit upright or lie down straight and lift their legs up. This will help them to supply oxygen to their blood and breathe.


  • Try to find a card in the patient’s bag or wallet and call their family and nearby members.


  • If the patient feels dizzy then lie them down on the ground which will help them in circulating blood to the brain. Do not allow them to walk much.


  • Do not give water or anything to eat. Just give them an aspirin.

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