Complete Keto Guide For Beginners

Different Types of Ketogenic Diets

• Standard ketogenic diet (SKD) – This diet contains a very low-carb (5%), moderate protein (20%) and high-fat diet (75%).

• Cyclical ketogenic diet (CKD) – This diet contains periods of higher-carb re-feeds, like 5 days you will follow a ketogenic diet and then 2 days you can have a high-carb diet.

• Targeted ketogenic diet (TKD) – In this diet, one can add carbs around (2 hours before and after) workouts.

• High-protein ketogenic diet – This diet is similar to a standard ketogenic diet, but contains more protein. This diet contains a very low-carb (5%), moderate protein (35%) and high-fat diet (60%).

The standard and high-protein ketogenic diets are mostly followed by people who always have a normal (not much workout) routine day. Cyclical or targeted ketogenic diets are mostly followed by bodybuilders or athletes.

In this article, we are going to describe the standard ketogenic diet (SKD).


Foods to Eat

• Avocados

• Butter and cream

• Cheese – Unprocessed cheese (cheddar, mozzarella, goat cheese, blue or cream).

• Flavour – Salt, Pepper, herbs, and spices.

• Eggs – Pastured or omega-3 whole eggs.

• Fatty fish – Salmon, tuna, and trout.

• Green veggies

• Healthy oils – Avocado oil, Virgin olive oil, and coconut oil.

• Meat – Bacon, chicken, steak, red meat, ham, sausage, and turkey.

• Nuts and seeds – Almonds, pumpkin seeds, chia seeds, flax seeds, walnuts, etc.

Healthy Keto Snacks

• 2 cubes of dark chocolate

• A handful of Nuts or seeds

• A low-carb milkshake (you can add almond milk, cocoa powder, and nut butter)

• Boiled eggs

• Cheese

• Cream and Strawberries

• Fish

• Full-fat yogurt (you can add any natural sweetener like pomegranates, nut butter, and cocoa powder)

• Meat

• Olives


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Supplements for a Ketogenic Diet

• Caffeine – Black coffee with no milk has benefits such as providing energy, fat loss.

• Creatine – Creatine gives many benefits for health and performance. You should also do exercise with it.

• Exogenous ketones – This supplement may help raise the body’s ketone levels.

• MCT oil – MCT oil can be added to drinks or yogurt, it provides energy and also helps in raising ketone levels.

• Whey – Add half a scoop of whey protein in shakes or yogurt so that you can increase your daily protein intake.


Foods to Avoid

• Beans or legumes – Kidney beans, lentils, chickpeas, etc.• Drinks – Soda, fruit juice, smoothies, carbonated drinks, alcohol, etc.

• Fruit – Mix fruit, all fruits, except small portions of berries like strawberries.

• Grains or starches – Wheat, rice, pasta, etc.

• Low-fat or diet products – This is generally highly processed and often contains high in carbs.

• Root vegetables – Potatoes, sweet potatoes, carrots, etc.

• Sauces – Vegetable oils, mayonnaise, etc. This sauces usually contains sugar and unhealthy fat.

• Sugar-free diet foods – These are often high in sugar alcohols and are highly processed.

• Sugary foods – cake, chocolates, ice cream, candy, etc.

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