Is Cholesterol The Cause Of Heart Disease?

With the help of Cholesterol, your body can build new cells, protect nerves, and manufacture hormones. An excessive amount of cholesterol in your body may arise to cardiovascular disease. Usually, the liver makes all the cholesterol.

How will High Cholesterol Cause Heart Disease?

When there’s an excessive amount of cholesterol in your blood, it results in different types of cardiovascular disease. Then, it narrows your arteries and blood flow through the heart muscle is slowed down, and if blood is not enough and oxygen reaches your heart, you’ll have chest pain. And, if in a worse case, the blood supply to one of the four portion of the heart is totally discontinued or blocked, then a person will have a heart attack.

There are 2 varieties of cholesterol that we are familiar with:-

  • LDL also is known as bad cholesterol
  • HDL also is known as good cholesterol

LDL is that the prime source of artery plaque. HDL is better than LDL as it really works to clear cholesterol from the blood.

What is the High Cholesterol?

Over the age, twenty people ought to get their cholesterol levels measured a minimum of once every five years. It’s necessary to search out what your cholesterol numbers are. If a person is having High cholesterol and lowering your cholesterol levels will reduce the chance of developing cardiovascular disease and reduces the possibility of a heart failure or dying of cardiovascular disease.

If you’re taking a drug that lowers cholesterol, you’ll be able to eat something.

Cholesterol in the blood comes from 2 sources. First, is from your liver, and you secondly you get some from your foods. Statins reduce the quantity of cholesterol created by the liver which causes cholesterol to drop in blood.

What Affects sterol Levels?

Numerous factors which we aren’t aware of will have an effect on your cholesterol levels. Note it down and take good health care. The reason could be:-

  • Age and Gender- As we grow older, our cholesterol levels rise. Before menopause, women’s health tends to have a lower cholesterol level than men’s health of identical age. Once menopause starts, women’s LDL levels will begin to increase.
  • Heredity- High blood cholesterol will run in families. Therefore, your heredity genes will partially confirm what quantity of cholesterol your body makes.
  • Diet- Carbohydrates, Tran’s fat, Saturated fat, sugar, and cholesterol within the food you eat increase your body cholesterol levels. Reducing the quantity helps lower your cholesterol level. Our body diet changes as per our age. So, it is necessary to have a healthy food and nutritional diet in right time.

Is cholesterol the cause of heart disease?

  • Medical conditions- Depending upon someone’s medical condition could cause a rise in cholesterol levels in the blood. The disease like include hypothyroidism and kidney disease might result in a change in cholesterol levels.
  • Excessive weight- Being overweight may increase your cholesterol level and also the risk issue of getting cardiovascular disease. Weight Loss will facilitate lower your LDL, cholesterol levels, and triglyceride levels still might increase your HDL.
  • Medications- Medicines, such as steroids and progestin’s could increase LDL and reduce the HDL.
  • Daily Exercise- Regular daily exercise will lower your LDL cholesterol and lift your HDL cholesterol. You ought to try and do physical exercise for a half-hour on a daily basis.

Author: Saikiran Reddy