What Meditation Did For Me And What It Can Do For You ?

One day I went to a meditation program with my mom. I sit on a mat and was then told to shut my eyes and connect to my inner Self. I had absolutely no idea what that meant, however, I simply determined to follow the instruction without asking a question. In those couple of minutes, I felt such a sense of calmness and complete relaxation with a refined feeling of satisfaction, of ease in my mind like which I never felt before. I used to be a really disturbed and overactive kid, so that was a completely unique and priceless experience for me. That day I made a decision that I would begin meditating frequently.

I started meditating for twenty minutes every day. Even if I had no idea what I was doing, I simply kept on doing it. After many years, as I attempted completely different meditation techniques followed by masters. I found the internal peace of mediation.

Meditation is the mental exercise of focusing all of your attention on the one thing that can be a mantra, visual image, or an object. Throughout the session, the main trouble is to keep bringing the attention back.

What Meditation Did for Me and what it can do for you?

Centuries ago, individuals would do meditation on purpose to get themselves, master their mind, or connect with God.

Here are few points which I found it is important for you-

  • No matter how much busy you are, take out few minutes for meditation, you may get the advantages you are looking for.
  • Regardless of whatever might be the reason, take 5 minutes, or even one minute at the time of starting. But do it.
  • It doesn’t matter if you are angry, tired, busy, depressed, or bored. While going to bed meditate for 5 minutes and your all problems will be sorted, you will find a way. Meditation works like a magic ward in your worst time.

What Meditation Did for Me and what it can do for you?

  • Examine it, observe it, and meet with those who meditate. It will keep your willingness alive.
  • Don’t shut down on any goal. Be patient. Don’t refuge expectations with your practice.
  • Simply take a deep breath, calm your body and state of mind, and convey back to get the attention to that area which you want to concentrate.
  • Your inner self may change. Your view on things can change your thought change.
  • Your lifestyle activities changes as per time.
  • Mental and emotional advantages that come back from the mediation are helpful in our space of life like career and business, health care, and family relationships.

The best thing meditation has given me is the understanding that I’m not in my mind and I get detached from one world to another world within a minute. I found jumbleness in this world and peace on other.  You can also find peace. In the end, I would like to convey that take care of your health and have a healthy diet filled with all nutrition necessary for your body and do meditation daily.

Author: Saikiran Reddy